Ginger Isn’t Just a Tasty Meal Addition

My Grandmother reached for the ginger ale to get rid of nausea naturally – when they actually added real ginger to soda, back in her day.  Ginger is not only popular for easing upset stomachs; it may also be useful in reducing the pain, stiffness, and immobility of arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Ginger may even improve some cases of constant severe dizziness and vertigo, and provide relief for some migraine headaches.  Ginger ginger-rootprevents platelets from clumping together in the bloodstream.  This serves to thin the blood and may reduce your risk of atherosclerosis and blood clots.

A warming herb, ginger can turn on the internal heater by stimulating circulation in the intestines.  Ginger is also considered an astringent agent and is good when used in tea for simple internal detoxification.  It is a valuable deterrent to intestinal worms which is why it is usually served with sushi.

When used topically, ginger promotes circulation in the skin and draws out toxins.  Try ginger root poultices or compresses on the chest for lung congestion or on the abdomen for gas and nausea.  Powdered ginger and essential oils are the strongest form of ginger for topical use.

At SeaStones Natural Therapies, ginger is included in some of our services.  We use a natural honey & ginger mask to cleanse soften and draw out impurities with our face massages.  We also use ginger infused oil to massage into the skin on the back or abdomen with our hot stones or warm moist compresses to gently increase circulation and draw out toxins trapped in the soft tissues to relieve pain.

By:  Dorothy Ruggiero, LMT 
Guilford, CT 
Owner:  SeaStones Natural Therapies, LLC
We’re adding a “QUICK-GINGER BACK MASSAGE” to our services.
This time saving therapeutic massage focuses on your back, neck and shoulders providing a quick tune-up for stress or pain relief.  Your session is enhanced by our warm ginger compress to aid in relaxation and detoxification.  Ginger stimulates circulation, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is an astringent used to calm sore muscles.  The Ginger Compress will add a simultaneously invigorating yet soothing experience to your massage treatment.  Save time and get relief!
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