Are You in Chronic Stress Mode?

Is your busy life causing stress-related symptoms like insomnia, increased chronic neck or jaw pain, headaches, back pain?  Your body may be in a state of chronic stress response and if so, this can lead to conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

There are many steps you can take to change the direction of your health through good nutrition and exercise but first you must break the chronic stress cycle and retrain the “relaxation response”.    

Massage can be a perfect first step solution.  Massage not only feels good by reducing muscle tension and working out knots, it has many hidden benefits.  Massage can help set-in-motion the “relaxation response” by producing the feel-good endorphin hormones and at the same time, reducing the production of the stress-related hormone cortisol, and lowering blood pressure.

Copy of sedona-massageAlong with other healthful practices like exercise and good nutrition, massage can be the first step in improving your health by retraining your body to respond in a relaxation mode.  It’s important to get massage on a regular basis to help you manage stress related symptoms, improve sleep patterns, and help you stay on track with the other steps you are taking to improve your health.  Massage allows your body to heal and on a continued basis, serves as a preventative measure. 

For over twenty years, I have helped many clients overcome the symptoms of stress, reduce pain and maintain their wellness through massage and other natural therapies.  I take a holistic approach to wellness and continue to develop techniques and gain knowledge through numerous hours of professional experience, workshops and courses. My “tool box” consists of a mix of traditional Western massage techniques and holistic practices that allow me to work with your individual needs to break the chronic stress cycle and retrain the relaxation response. 

Adding customized massage to your health regime can be a perfect first step to improving your health.  At SeaStones Natural Therapies you can choose from the list of savings packages and set yourself up in a direction toward greater health down the road. To learn more visit: 

By:  Dorothy Ruggiero, LMT, owner of SeaStones Natural Therapies, serving New Haven County and Connecticut Shoreline for over twenty years.  

Email:  Dorothy@seastonesnatural .com