Stop and Smell the Turkey

I know that marketing hypes are meant to make you feel the urgency to buy NOW! Or never get that special offer again.  After all, isn’t that what Black Friday is all about?  The marketing gurus have made sure of that.

Many people find Black Friday a fun and exciting event.  They stand in long lines and wait for the moment the doors open and race to get the best deals.  I love a good challenge but personally, I don’t find pleasure in shopping in a rush with hundreds of others vying for the same thing.  I’m not criticizing those that take part in the Black Friday rush … as long as they have fun doing it.

My idea of shopping is to leisurely browse; gift-giving is a more thoughtful process for me.  Sure, I like a good deal too and I find them.  I just don’t participate in the Black Friday hype.  It’s so overrated – and stressful.

My business is to help people find relief from stress and relax.  Why would I want to promote the shopping frenzy of Black Friday?  It’s not a good marketing practice for my business and I’d rather not join in the hype.

Just so you know; SeaStones Natural Therapies’ Massage Gift Cards are available to purchase online for your convenience.  We’ll mail them out or have them ready for pick up.  No pressure, no frenzy, you can take your time; our special 20% OFF deal will continue through to December 31st.

Shop online or call us:   203-481-7866

Thank you for your business.  Oh, and by the way, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

“Take time to stop and smell the turkey!”


By:       Dorothy Ruggiero, LMT

SeaStones Natural Therapies, LLC