Look Good, Feel Good, Good for You! Massage….

Several years ago, a friend and I were joking around about ways to market my new massage therapy business – and we came up with a slogan: “Look Good, Feel Good, Good for You!”

I never did use the slogan to market my Therapeutic Massage and Wellness business but recently this slogan idea popped up again. As I look through the local papers and magazines many of the Spas advertise looking good or looking younger with new ways to nip and tuck or Botox. The truth of the matter is:  Health is Beauty.

Good for you” As you already know, massage is good for you in many ways, like relieving stress and tension for starters; and the underlying physiological benefits of massage like lowering blood pressure and stress hormones are only a small part of the “good for you” portion of this theme.

“Feel Good” Yes, and it feels good to get a massage, doesn’t it? The massage experience relieves tension and stress at the fingertips of your massage therapist as your body releases pleasure-producing endorphin hormones. Touch feels good. It gives you a sense of connected-ness and that you are being cared for. Gentle or caring touch is especially lacking in today’s fast-paced, technological society where many are “Texting”, Skyping, or Facebooking in place of personal interaction; or rushing from place to place for school, sports or business related functions.

“Look Good” Once you begin to relax you feel good, and as you reap the more “silent” benefits of massage therapy that are good for you; the stress lines melt from your face and the good-looking you can resurface. Add a face massage to your next session and a little skin-softening or rejuvenating botanical and you are bound to leave looking good.

Including regular massage therapy sessions to your fitness practices will give you a greater sense of satisfaction and success. I recommend that you do a little something that is good for your health every day; something that makes you feel good, and as a result, you will look good – feel happy and be healthier.

By: Dorothy Ruggiero, LMT

Owner: SeaStones Natural Therapies, LLC, 24 Long Hill Road, Guilford, CT 06437