Let’s FACE IT!

How would you define beauty?

I believe beauty lies deeper than the images we see on magazine covers and are bombarded with every day by marketers.  Beauty comes from within.  It’s our thoughts, our health, our uniqueness and the kindness we share with others.

The face is what others remember most about a person; it portrays who we are.  Beauty from within shows on our face, it shows the world our physical and psychological state of health, featuring glimpses of our character and personal history.  The lines on one’s face can indicate a portion of a life’s journey – one’s health and wellbeing, or immediate mood.

Throughout the course of human history, beauty has been a coveted condition, a sign of health and well-being.  It makes sense to take preventative measures to improve one’s current health – it’s a way of improving self-image.  It’s like: “Putting your best face forward” – so to speak.

As a massage therapist, I listen to the client’s words and also observe their state of well-being through actions, tone and posture before a session.  Much of what I sense before a treatment, I can see in my clients’ face.  This has been an intuitive wisdom developed through my work as a massage therapist because I work so closely with my clients.

At SeaStones Natural Therapies, I take a holistic approach to help clients arrive at their health goals through therapeutic massage and bodywork.  Each full-body massage therapy session is custom tailored to a person’s individual needs by combining specialized therapies and relaxation techniques.  Often times, my full body massage therapy or bodywork sessions end with a brief face and head massage.    My clients leave feeling more balanced, relaxed, and – let’s face it – more beautiful!

By:  Dorothy Ruggiero, LMT
Owner:  SeaStones Natural Therapies, LLC
            24 Long Hill Road, Guilford, CT 

Did you know that a face-massage treatment alone not only releases the tension that shows on your face but can improve your overall health and wellbeing?  

Make massage a part of your health and beauty regime.  Add a complete Face Massage to your regular sessions and notice the difference. Visit our website to learn more.