There can be more to “Spring Cleaning” than you think…

Spring cleaning can be beneficial to your health, here’s why:

The spring season is a good time to de-clutter the home environment after the winter season (however, mild).   Doing so will rejuvenate your health; emotionally, physically and energetically.

According to Feng Shui experts, de-cluttering and reorganizing can shift energy and create more harmony in your life.  They say a cluttered environment will drain your vitality and make it difficult for positive energy to flow around your home or work space .  It can block your connection to your spiritual and intuitive side and cloud your thinking.  Clutter can “block your path” to reaching your goals.

Clutter can be defined as anything that is:

  • Not regularly used
  • Not loved or cherished
  • Stored or left in the wrong place
  • Half-finished
  • Squeezed into a space that is too small
  • Broken or unusable until fixed
  • An unwanted gift
  • Any items that bring up negative feelings

Getting rid of the clutter… 
… can seem like a daunting task. One suggestion is to set a schedule.  Take one step at a time and begin with a small area such as starting with one drawer then progressing to the whole cabinet and on to the whole room, and so on. De-cluttering and reorganizing can shift energy and create more harmony in your life. For instance; having your clothes organized, especially your work or school clothes, will allow you to have a calm and orderly start to your day.

Introduce clutter clearing as a practice for all areas of your life; not just in your home. Re-evaluate your commitments, reorganize the files in your computer and take a look at the way you use your time. Ask a friend to help clear the clutter so you don’t hold on to unnecessary items. Or for very large jobs, call in professional cleaning services. There may be things stored in your basement that affect you subconsciously relating to unresolved past issues. This sort of stuff will block your energy and prevent you from moving forward in your life.  As you de-clutter and clear space, expect to see some energy or health fluctuations while you rearrange things externally.

According to Ray Daneault, owner of  Impressions Cleaning Services, “we regularly work with clients throughout the region who need that extra pair of hands. Our de-clutter and reorganizing approach is friendly, efficient, and effective. We also find that people who care about their environment also tend to use our ‘green’ cleaning services.”

As the warmer weather approaches, open windows, exercise outdoors and take time to de-stress. Use springtime as the marker to start clearing the clutter and give yourself a fresh beginning and a Happy Spring!

Article by:  Dorothy Ruggiero, LMT

SeaStones Natural Therapies, LLC

Guilford, CT   203-481-7866

Ref: The Healing Home – Using Feng Shui to Organize Your Home and Transform Your Life – Gina Lazenby, Feng Shui – A Practical Guide to Health, Wealth, and Happiness – Karen Farrington

Footnote:  Impressions Cleaning Services was honored by the Milford Chamber as the  ‘Green Company’ for their Awards of Excellence. 

5 thoughts on “There can be more to “Spring Cleaning” than you think…

    • I agree that clutter causes stress. I’ve been trying to get my teen to straighten out her room for quite some time now because I know that being unorganized adds to her stress.

      Thank you for your comments!

  1. AI know clutter does make me feel stressed — although I am a packrat, I still don’t like clutter. LOL I just know when the clutter is gone its a sense of relief. Like when you have to clean kitchen and that feeling before and then after and its all nice and clean everything put away . You almost hate to have to use the kitchen again.

    • Personally, I see clutter as “unfinished” tasks, projects, business etc… For me, I find that my cluttered closets, for instance, have the things I just don’t want to deal with or those things I don’t know what to do with. All that unfinished-ness can get in the way of moving forward.

      Thank you for your comments to my post.

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